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Monday, August 7, 2017

Balat - historical district of Istanbul

Balat - historical district of Istanbul. The area is still full of interesting houses, it is sad that most of them are in ruins. Neighboring houses where the Lighthouse Rum Diaspora lives are clean with ornate balconies and front garden. Jews (the essence of local population), Greeks, Armenians, Bulgarians - But Balata everything and everything mixed. This area made a real "melting pot" from different nations and religions, and tolerance and good neighborhood created a wonderful atmosphere. For example, you can find a synagogue Ahrida practically on the same street there Armenian Church Surd-Reshdagabed, St. The Stefan Bulgarian Church (meanwhile, all manufactured from demerids) and the mosque Ferruh-Ketyuda. In addition, it is known that even local populations can choose the court in which civil and indigenous issues want to appeal for decisions. In the synagogue the most rigid rabinik accepted the court but it was the most liberal, bizarre job - Sharia. Indeed, Balat - an amazing place!

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